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     Mati Marija pomaga vnebovzetim mojstrom Galaktične federacije vsidrati energijo ljubezni na Zemljo
     |  Verzija prirejena za tiskanje
    Gost: Marija
     oktober 02 2008 09:47  (Prebrano 2263 krat)  

    Tukaj sta dva kanalizirana članka preko Natalie Glasson iz Velike Britanije v angleščini, ki kažeta, da je zemlja v velikih energetskih spremembah in kako nam nevidna bitja svetlobe pomagajo ob teh spremembah. Iz člankov je dobro videti kako pomembne so molitve in meditacije ob teh spremembah.
    Commander Ashtar and Master So Ma
    Channeled by Natalie Sian Glasson
    ============ ========= ========= ==

    As I measure and action of precaution and protection, the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters place a blessing and prayer around this message so that only souls of love and the purity of the Creator may view and understand the information we share. We place a web of light around this message ensuring that it is carried within the arms of lightworkers and sheltered from the eyes of harmful souls. Let the love the Creator cradle this message ensuring that it reaches those who are in need of this information and wish to help the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters in their forthcoming mission of anchoring greater love into the Earth on behalf of humanity and the Creator.

    Let our prayers be heard, please lord protect us and let us achieve our goals with ease and protection at all times.

    The Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters

    I am Commander Ashtar and I come with my friend and companion Master So Ma. Together we bring the most sacred and most guarded information and wisdom to the Earth but most importantly the trusted lightworkers of the Earth.

    During the accelerated period of growth that has recently begun on the Earth of aiding all in anchoring greater love and achieving a new aspect of mastery and ascension, we the airborne Ascended Masters wish to assist in anchoring love onto the Earth. We will come to the Earth in our space craft as it is easier for us to access the physical levels and vibrations of the Earth due to our protected armour around the ship than it is for the Ascended Masters on the inner planes. The Ascended Masters of the inner planes are the key focus of this period of anchoring love into the Earth, their waves of light, support, love and encouragement are constantly anchoring into the Earth but we wish to assist in the anchoring of the Ascended Masters energy into the physical planes of the Earth.

    On the six of October we the Galactic Federation along with many devoted Ascended Masters will travel in our space craft, entering into the aura of the Earth, orbiting within the sky. We have a special mission of anchoring and placing four large crystals which are predominantly known as Love Crystals into the Earth. They are semi physical, semi light crystals of a pink colour with aspects of golden energy merging throughout, akin to a marble effect. The crystals are double terminated crystals meaning that they are long with a point at each end. Each crystal is roughly the length of a tall man’s lower leg but are quite thick in width. These crystals and special energy forms have been charged with the love of the Ascended Masters, they are known as Love Crystals because they are only receptive to anchoring pure love and therefore only emanate pure love. Four crystals will be placed into the Earth’s soil, near the surface at four different areas across the Earth. The places of penetration cannot be shared as we have to ensure that the greatest protection is placed around this project so that it flows smoothly and easily without hindrance and obstacles. The anchoring of these four crystals onto the Earth will make a significant change to the vibration of the Earth, allowing more people to become receptive to the love of the Ascended Masters and the Creator. The influence of the crystals will allow more people to become open to sharing the love of their souls with others and a greater desire to exist on the Earth as love in manifestation will burn brighter. You can see that it is of great importance that we actually get to place the crystals in the soil of the Earth and the grid network of the Earth. The love of the crystals will then melt and seep across the world until their energies meet, they will travel through soil, grid lines and ley lines both physically and spiritually anchoring greater love onto the Earth. Once their energy has coated the surface of the Earth with energy of love many people may feel the vibrations of love ascending through their feet chakras and into their realities. This is our main purpose and aim, also if we heal Mother Earth a fraction more we will assist in healing humanity as well. The crystals will then act as anchors for greater love to be integrated and poured into the Earth from the Ascended Masters and the Creator. This means that any waves of love channelled through the crystals into the Earth will have a greater affect on humanity as they will be converted into energy that is acceptable to those in physical bodies.

    We hope that you can understand the sacred work that we are completing and its great importance. Our visit is not one to gain attention from humanity nor is it to convert many to the powers of the Creator. We simply wish to enter into the aura of the Earth, achieve our mission and then step back or return to our homes on the inner planes to oversee the presence of the crystals from a far.
    I, Commander Ashtar and Master So Ma have come today to deliver this special message because we wish to invite the support and assistance of the lightworkers on the Earth. We wish for you to play your special part in this wonderful and glorious mission of anchoring love.

    First we ask that you share this message with those who you trust and sense will genuinely help our cause, conceal your wisdom from those who may wish to hinder or stop our mission. There are many on the Earth and on the inner planes that focus on darkness and wish to stop our sacred mission as it will bring too much power to the people and also awaken you further to the truth of the Creator. This is why we have placed heavy and strong protections around this message and the information. We ask that you guard it responsibly. Do not allow your ego to take control but allow your soul to hold this important responsibility.
    Our second task is that you meditate and visualise in the days leading up to October 6th 2008 the safe arrival of the Galactic Federation and the safe arrival of the crystals. Imagine, sense and affirm that we will complete our work and mission with ease and protection at all times and that the crystals will be protected once we have left the aura of the Earth. We ask that you support us by sending us your deepest love and light, we will in return align you to the energy of your nearest Love Crystal so you receive a boost of love flowing into your being to raise your energy vibration. We in return will ensure your protection at all times.

    We ask that during meditation you use these prayers;

    ‘I invoke the protection of the loving Creator to surround me and the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters as they prepare to visit the Earth. I have complete faith that they are always safe and protected and complete their mission with ease and security at all times, wrapped in the powerful love of the Creator’s soul. I ask that the four Love Crystals are surrounded in both Angels of Protection and intense light to ensure that they are able to express the energy of love across the entire planet. Let love anchor onto the Earth now, and let all acting with love in their hearts be guided by the candle of protection. Let it be.’

    ‘Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters I accept myself as a beacon of the Creator’s light on the Earth and enroll myself as a supportive energy and a protective energy of your mission on behalf of the Earth. I send my love to you now to ensure your safety and the anchoring of love onto the Earth. Let us all exist as love.’

    ‘I believe that the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters has now anchored the four crystals of love into the Earth, returning home safely. Love now emanates across the Earth.’

    Please use these prayers and affirmations; they are given from us with the greatest of honour and respect. We hope that you will assist our mission as we work on behalf of the Creator and humanity with the mission of uniting all with the sacred and glorious energy of the Creator while still on the Earth.

    Commander Ashtar and Master So MaThe Family and Team of the Galactic Federation of Ascended Masters

    May you walk in the love and light always,

    Mother Mary
    Channelled through Natalie Glasson
    ============ ========= ========= =

    The wind of change blow forth now and love begins to shine, the ascended masters stand before the glowing beacon lights. The love crystals stand brightly, their energy activated, the love of the ascended masters anchored into their energy bodies. They are a manifestation of change, the Creator’s energy and the new age of love on the Earth. The four main love crystals stand alone within the Temple of Mercy while ascended masters and light beings alike draw close to view their mighty. I sit and watch as souls come and go, they charge the crystals with love. They access the love and adoration that they experienced for Mother Earth, while they were on the Earth, emanating it into the crystals of love in the hope that it will shine brightly into the soul of Mother Earth, allowing her to feel the love of all her previous generations and the devotion that they hold for her. The love crystals are constantly being charged with love as light beings travel from all aspect of the universe to anchor the energy of their soul into the crystals. They wish for their energy to become united and anchored into the Earth.

    What a wondrous occasion, I feel the joy, the love and the devotion of the Creator as I simply sit and bathe in the energy of the love crystals within their chamber of protection and security. I wonder whether these mighty crystals that seem so bright and powerful as they stand before me will change the Earth or even influence the Earth and humanity with their loving qualities, the consciousness of the ascended masters that has been anchored into their souls. These are beacons that stand before me of the wealth of love the ascended master community holds for all on the Earth and yet humanity is not open to receiving this wealth of love, which saddens my heart. In truth I know that the love crystals will only affect those who are receptive, open and wish to anchor the ascended masters’ love into their being but this is sufficient to assist Mother Earth and to bring forth a wind of change, upliftment and a raise in consciousness for all.

    The ascended masters will continue to visit, charge and activate the love crystals until the time comes to transport them to the ship of the Galactic Federation. Master Ashtar and Master So Ma will take control of the love crystals then, they have the plan and the will given by the Creator and understand to where they must transport the crystals and lay them to rest. They will embark on the night of the 5th October, activating them in the early hours of the morning of the 6th of October in four different time zones. Many ascended masters will board this Galactic Federation Ship to watch as the love crystals are placed and anchored into the Earth. The ship will not be visible in the night sky but only to those who choose to look with their hearts and through their third eye chakras emanating the purest vibration of love to us and our mission on the Earth. The Temple of Mercy will be transformed from a chamber of protection and security; the chosen ascended masters will build and reconstruct the temple as a place of learning in time for the 29th October.

    As I sit now before the glowing light of the love crystals sharing my wisdom, love and consciousness with the love crystals to aid the development of humanity, I thought that it would be appropriate for me to connect with you today, to share with you a small portion of life on the inner planes and remind you of the imminent arrival of the love crystals. I am Mother Mary, the Mother figure of humanity and the Christ consciousness. I send into the love crystals my deepest devotion and nurturing love.

    I, Mother Mary wish to invite you to channel your love into the love crystals if you wish to, I believe it will assist them in manifesting their energy in a more physical form on the Earth so that they may act as a greater influence in their healing, activating and nurturing mission on the Earth.

    Simply sit peacefully gaining a deep and meditative state of being, focus on your breathing and allow your body to rest.

    ‘Mother Mary, I call on your energy, presence and soul light in my life now. Stand before me and channel into my being your ninth ray blue green energy of joy. Allow me to experience your loving joyous energy within every aspect of my being.

    Mother Mary, I wish to aid the development of humanity on the Earth and channel my loving energy into the Love crystals. Please allow me to do so now. Please let it be.’

    I, Mother Mary will step forward, imagine that within my hands I hold an energy crystal; it is a small representation of the love crystals. I place the love crystal into your hands. It is a symbol or representative of the love crystal but it still holds it high vibrations that will anchor into your being. You may now open your heart and soul and channel your loving light into the crystal. Take your time and make sure that all thoughts are positive such as, ‘The Earth is now a beacon of love, healing has now washed over the entire body of Mother Earth and love emanates to all.’

    At this powerful time when mastery of the mind is so prominent it is not appropriate to channel the energy of the love crystals with thoughts such as, ‘I hope the Earth will be healed and restored to focus on goodness.’ This should be changed to, ‘The Earth has now been healed and all energies have been focused on goodness.’ You are creating the reality of the Earth now as you channel love into the love crystal with every thought you create. Support Mother Earth and channel her energies with only positive thought forms and vibrations.

    When you are complete you may invoke me to remove the representative of the love crystal which holds all the love of your soul securely within it. I will transport your love crystal to the Temple of Mercy and place your love within the glowing love crystals of the ascended masters so that your loving energy and consciousness will be combined with the loving energy of the ascended masters, as all focus together on anchoring greater love into the Earth and the souls of humanity.

    I thought that many of you would welcome this opportunity to become a part of the amazing process and mission that is unfolding on the Earth and the inner planes.

    I am love eternally,
    Mother Mary

    May you walk in the love and light always,

    Gost: a
     oktober 03 2008 22:02   

    am here
    am hear
    am here

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